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     Happy Finland

      An exquisite synergy of the finest 
      barley, fruit and algae extracts


Enzymes: the key to nutrients

Enzymes unlock the power of vitamins and minerals. Sad and sour was yesterday. Release your inner virtue: feel fresh, resilient and fragrant - like aromatic fruit.

Gourmet nutrition with love 

The elements of our unique, sugar-free gourmet formula, like chlorophyll, help your heart by detoxing the vessels. Feel a flow of happiness and emotional balance!

Balanced and fit in 20 seconds

Stirr a quick scoop into your daily drink. This will deliver our unique protein patterns to harmonize your metabolism and muscular activity, regardless of your generation.


starter's size 

1 portion

9 g of HappyGreens 

  • available at sales points
  • portable and flexible
  • IG community item

3 €


16 portions

165 g of HappyGreens 

  • the traveler' s choise
  • for presents and events 
  • yields 6 litres

35 €


111 portions

1 kg  of HappyGreens 

  • for  families and  fans 
  • most price-conscious
  • wholesale-size

180 €

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Lean back!

... also available as refill-pack.

Life loves you, when you are stirred...

Life loves you, especially when you love it back and listen to your health. With so little time in our hands and a stagnant belief in capsules, our intentions to attain and preserve health can easily dry out. Choose to refill your gauge of love every day with a green stream of life.

This stream will take you through a cascade of exotic berries, sumptuous chocolate experiences and adventurous scents of tulips, ultimately flowing into a delightful gouache pattern on the surface of your beverage. The taste is so magical as a soothing nuance of fine matcha. Crafted by a trained sommelier, this pattern has been captured in our unique formula.

You will love how just a spoonful of HappyGreens will lend itself to the contours of the taste and scent of your favorite plant or dairy milk. The true nature of HappyGreens blooms on its own as it dissolves in pure water within just 20 seconds. Take this new flavor experience with you to the office, to the fitness studio, or enjoy it before you even leave the house!

Tomorrow’s morning you will be sitting with your scoop of HappyGreens, you breathe into its gentle aroma made with love and rather than follow complicated recipes, you sit back and relax in the stream of green love.  
Choose to love life back!

Surprise yourself with our HappyGreens® supplement!


The challenge with any dietary supplement is to take it daily. Most folk give up after a matter of weeks. But with HappyGreens' convincing taste, you will find little need to motivate yourself to stick to this simple daily intake of balanced nutrition. 


HappyGreens coats your tastebuds with an essence from organically cultivated barley grass. The rich powder's slightly bitter aroma is joined by nutritious phytoextracts to be finally crowned by a unique fruity note. A true joy for taste connoisseurs!

 With pleasure

Help yourself to two teaspoons of HappyGreens mornings and evenings, stirred into 200mL (about half a cup) of milk or your favourite fruit juice. It is like a smoothie at home without all the effort of making it yourself. The easy-to-use health alternative: HappyGreens!

 HappyGreens is like a breath of fresh air

- and not just because of its popular matcha aroma.
Our straightforward powder is different
because of its unique range of bio ingredients. 

Too many of us have settled for prescriptions with capsules where we can't even see what's inside and then goes inside of us! At HappyGreens we believe in trust and transparency as part of understanding our customers' desire for better health and well-being - and peace of mind! So you see what you get and you get what you taste! HappyGreens' powder is a refined mix of purely beneficial extracts which supply you with essential vitamins and minerals, not to mention the magic of serotonin, whatever the season or time of day!

Fruits & Greens™

Only HappyGreens contains the world's one-and-only Fruits & Greens™ formula. This highly concentrated extract mix comprises more than 27 different vegetable, fruit and cereal varieties. So one gram of HappyGreens gives you as many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients as one gram of fresh fruit and vegetables - all thanks to the inclusion of Fruits & Greens™. So when your diet is lacking, HappyGreens makes up for such deficiencies. Not only that, it helps detox your body and cleanse away excessive acidic levels, with a boost of barley grass. HappyGreens gives you a new lease of life: more energy and a stronger immune system. The name is no-nonsense: you will be happier on the outside and greener on the inside. Like nature intended!

Our enzyme complex

HappyGreens' enzyme complex contains natural enzymes from fermented rice amylase, lactase, protease, lipase and cellulase. These support the functioning of the digestive tract and help to split food into separate active ingredients. The result: bioavailability in the bloodstream. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates turn into absorbable nutrients and indigestible residues. Certain enzymes, such as L-glutathione, are effective antioxidants that can protect body cells by detecting and harmonizing free radicals. Enzymes are protein structures that lower your body's  reaction threshold letting you get the most out of nutrition.

Our serotonin complex

HappyGreens' complex of policosanol and amino acids promotes that feel-good sensation from your body's own serotonin. During the dark of winter or the middle of the night, HappyGreens can you give the instant pick-up you need. Your circulation gets a boost from arginine and L-lysine while cholesterol is countered by the inclusion of tryptophan. Protein patterns promote a healthier metabolism - HappyGreens is after all 'low-carb'. So all working together, your body benefits from better absorption of nutrients from HappyGreens and your general diet. Another reason to feel happy!

Power algae 

Don't be put off by the name: algae like spirulina and chlorella are just one more clever addition of power extracts to HappyGreens. Many health experts today are talking about the need for chlorophyll in our daily diet. Our algae extract gives you important amino acids, vitamin B12 as well as organic iron. Your blood is cleansed, in turn clearing the rest of your body of many harmful effects from today's stressful daily life. Your pH levels have a better chance at being properly balanced, helping you to avoid chronic health issues in the short and long term.  HappyGreens' algae  joins perfect with green tea extract,t hat provides a further boost with helpful antioxidants. 

Fibres combined

HappyGreens contains acacia fibres, apple fibres, pectins and barley from micronised grain. 12 amino acids and 16 enzymes work with these fibres to support your digestive system. Particularly soluble fiber — can slow the absorption of sugar and help improve blood sugar levels. HappyGreens´ proprietary blend of different high-quality soluble and insoluble fibers, along with valuable herbal concentrates, and a synergistic blend of beneficial microflora (probiotics) may help maintain healthy colon ecology and intestinal acid-alkaline balance.

From Acerola to Zinc!

Acerola contains the highest vitamin C content of all fruit: around 80 times that of an orange. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and strengthens your immune system by ensuring healthy cell life and robust blood vessels. Your teeth, gums and skin all benefit from Vitamin C. Move down the list of good things in HappyGreens: from Arginine, Barley, Chlorophyll past grapes, through raspberries, rice and rye, spinach, spirulina and tomatoes all the way down to revitalising Zinc. HappyGreens' formula combines all this goodness in perfect synergy. 

Our 13:1 barley extract + NADH (vitamin B3) + arginine + tryptophan

Look at what nutritionists and other health experts say about needing the correct mix of enzymes to ensure your body makes the most of what you give it. You quickly realize that with HappyGreens, no additives like magnesium stearates or other empty calories are required against our complete and efficient formula. HappyGreens boasts a 13: 1 barley grass extract derived by cold pressing, which is 13 times more concentrated than conventional barley grass. Furthermore, the energy-booster co-enzyme 1 NADH (vitamin B3) forms part of HappyGreens' protein patterns along with tryptophan with 5-HTP. So feel great in the morning with enhanced serotonin levels, and in the evening thanks to HappyGreens helping your body's own source of melatonin. The inclusion of arginine improves your circulation.

HappyGreens' Ingredients:

13:1 Barley grass extract:  {concentrated nutritional organic supplement  galenic  as phyto enzyme base}  · 4300 mg ·
Fruits & Greens™  {Highly concentrated 1: 100 extract of bioflavonoids, antioxidants, minerals, extracted from concentrated, extract of grapes, hay, earth, forest & Raspberry, pineapple, apple, peach, apricot, citrus, cereal complex of barley, rye and wheat, broccoli, cabbage, beans, cauliflower and spinach, tomatoes, rosemary, celery and carrots} · 1140 mg ·
Serosynin®  {formula with  enzyme-activated Tryptophan +  vitamin B 3} · 101 mg ·
Chlorella  {contains 30 mg of chlorophyll / g}  · 300 mg ·
Spirulina {natural Multivitamin source with more than 50 essential nutrients} · 700 mg 
Enzyme complex {Natural enzymes and bio activators {from rice, amylase, lactase, lipase, cellulase}  ·  40 mg 
Fibre complex {of soluble & insoluble fibres / apple fibres, apple pectin, micronized wheat, sprouts, wheat germ and acaba fibres} · 1900 g
Lactosespore ® {1.49 billion 90 mg special lactic acid-resistant lactobacillus culture}  
Policosanol complex  {hexacosanol, octacosanol, triacontanol, tetracosanol, steviolglycosides} Acerola extract 150 mg {with 50% natural vitamin C} ·  30 mg
Green tea extract  { with at least 40% catechins} ·  80 mg
Natural flavours and fruit extracts ·  240 mg

Protein/Amino-Profile per 100 g

Arginine0.301 g
Tryptophan0.101 g
Tyrosine0.210 g
Aspartic acid0.266 g
Cystine0.042 g
Glutamine0.528 g
Glycine0.224 g
Histidine0.070 g
Isoleucine0.245 g
Leucine0.294 g
Lysine0.311 g
Methionin0.098 g
Phenylalanin0.196 g
Proline0.189 g
Serine0.224 g
Threonine0.164 g
Alanin0.329 g
Valine0.175 g
Arginine0.301 g
Tryptophan0.101 g
Tyrosine0.210 g
Aspartic acid0.266 g
Cystine0.042 g
Glutamine0.528 g
Glycine0.224 g
Histidine0.070 g
Isoleucien0.245 g
Leucine0.294 g
Lysine0.311 g
Methionin0.098 g
Phenylalanine0.196 g
Proline0.189 g
Serin0.224 g
Threonin0.164 g
Alanin0.329 g
Valin0.175 g

Vitamins & Minerals

                             Per 100 g                     Per 10 g serving
                                                            % RI                                     % RI
Vitamin C     571.29 mg 714.12       57.129 mg   71.41
Vitamin B1      0.592 mg 53.82             0.059 mg     5.38
Vitamin B2      1.168 mg 83.43             0.116 mg     8.34
Vitamin B3      2.967 mg 18.54             0.296 mg     1.85
Vitamin B6      0.629 mg 44.97             0.062 mg     4.49
Vitamin B12       0.56 µg 22.40                0.056 µ g   2.24
Minerals from our barley extract: calcium , iron,  copper, magnesium,  phosphorus, sulfur, selenium, silicon und zinc.

HappyGreens' Nutritional Table

                             Per 100 g                      Per 10 g           % RI
Energy (kJ) 1077.478 kJ               107.747 kJ
Energy (kcal) 259.035 kcal            25.903 kcal 1.29
Fat                          3.061 g                         0.306 g            0.43
Saturated fatty acids      0.145 g       0.014 g            0.07
Carbohydrates     17.577 g                    1.75 g            0.65
Fibre                           39.686 g                3.968 g
Protein*                    19.699 g                1.969 g            3.93

HappyGreens' Sensory Benefits:

  • Harmonizes serotonin levels
  • Tasty and healthy alternative to unnutritional snack foods
  • Enhanced personal body feeling – for you and your family
  • Restores pH balance – cleanses from the inside out
  • Reduces signs of aging – improved physical mobility
  • Increased muscle energy – improved libido-sleep ratio
  • Improved digestion, including constipation or flatulence
  • Ideal for vegetarians – has a positive effect on body odour

How can I join the growing number of satisfed HappyGreens fans?

Just hit 'Order' or simply write to us.

HappyGreens really is for everyone! Regardless of how or when you like to take your daily helping of HappyGreens, our customers keep coming up with novel ways to make the most of HappyGreens' tasty but healthy offering of nutrients...

HappyGreens out and about

Happygreens powder means you can take a Happy Stick with you wherever you are and wherever you go. A few seconds to stir the rich aromatic powder into your choice of milk, non-dairy milk or coffee will give you the lift you need till you reach the office or whatever your destination!

HappyGreens Smoothie

You don't have to spend time searching for fresh and undamaged fruit at the supermarket to then cart home and spread out in your kitchen to cut up and prepare and then wash up after. HappyGreens is already a finished supplement which you just add to your own favourite drink or drink-mix. Just add water and/or your favourite fruit juice till you get the taste you like. 

HappyGreens Shake

Add 18g of HappyGreens powder to your preferred blend of milk or non-milk equivalent to get a full and frothy shake, better than in any shop or café. A dollop of ice cream or whipped or normal cream will mean a few more calories but why not spoil yourself when overall your HappyGreens shake is still way healthier - and cheaper - than a milkshake elsewhere!

HappyGreens Cocktail or Mocktail

HappyGreens fans are some of the most adventurous and creative people on the planet. Whether you want to try something daring with alcohol or just different as a non-alcoholic beverage, ask us for some of the most popular versions or check out the recipes with HappyGreens online. Try mixing a Green Daiquiri with ice, a Greena Colada, a Green Russian or one of your own green creations. Just be sure to let us know about your success stories so we can spread the word and add your special to the list of HappyGreens cocktails and mocktails.  
Remember that HappyGreens promotes your body's own serotonin levels - the perfect ingredient for a cocktail party at home. Instead of piling sugar into whatever liqueur or other spirit you want to serve, use HappyGreens instead. Your guests will marvel at the tasteful fresh colour of their cocktails and love the aroma and taste to boot! 

In short: Whom is HappyGreens' super food for?

HappyGreens - a real super food for people on the go - thanks to our unique formula mix of nutrients and nutrient-activating ingredients. HappyGreens is for every one of us: whether you're a dedicated athlete, busy Mum or Dad, active senior or student with upcoming assignments and exams. 

Taken with (plant-)milk, water or your favourite drink, HappyGreens' effective combination of bio-agents is directly absorbed to quickly provide your body with the nutrients it needs. Also included is Tryptophan, to promote the body's own production of serotonin - a neurotransmitter in the brain that brings about a good, positive, productive mood in each of us. (When we don't have the right level of serotonin, depression can interfere with our getting things done and mean we just don't feel right.) Stay Happy with HappyGreens!

It makes perfect sense to add HappyGreens' combination of bio nutrients and enzymes to your daily dietary intake. You don't need chocolate to get rid of the winter blues. With a helping of HappyGreens, you can already taste and feel the onset of spring!

Good for Athletes

Whether you rely on your brain or your body at work, you need amino acids, HappyGreens is full of them. Students, business professionals and bodybuilders all need a better supply of helpful amino acids. HappyGreens' one-fix dose is also purely herbal!

Good  for Families

Many families know the deal. Kids just want to stay in bed until they really have to get up and go to school. So a decent breakfast falls by the wayside. If they eat anything, it is often something overloaded with sugar. HappyGreens is the solution! Even parents like the great formula as a one-fix breakfast alternative that is healthy AND tastes good. You will be hard pressed to find a smarter combination of taste with nutrition. 

Good for Seniors

With age, the need for nutritional supplements increases. Most folk take them because they have to. Try HappyGreens once and you'll be coming back for more - and not just because of the great taste.

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Coupon-extended Affiliate Marketing


Wouldn´t it be easy just to pass a coupon and get the goodness back to your bank account? You won't be disappointed when you also get to see and hear how HappyGreens brings a smile to your own satisfied clients. That is part of the reward working with HappyGreens. A win-win situation for everyone!


Contact us about our professional coupon-marketing system - web-based. If you have a website, register at our affiliate-programme and write content about beeing and getting happy. Let  social media  work for you!

and live 

Contact us about our professional, print-based coupon-marketing system .  In printed media you often can not track who reacted to your campaign. However, checking the "bioavailability" of marketing activity is not only important in cells. So with our system you bring your efforts to life and success.

Worldwide Expansion and  Content Translation


We have already started in France and  the UK. Please apply with us if you want to market HappyGreens in your country on a longterm basis by turning the wheel of instagram.


In the USA and Canada too, people should have access to good-tasting low-carb food. Contact us if you are interested in franchise or MLM work with us at HappyGreens.


HappyGreens' superb matcha taste appeals to many health-conscious people in Asia. Contact us about how to apply for your licence to sell HappyGreens where you are.

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