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Business with fun

Business with the taste of synergy, 

how you earn money with our

European HappyGreens label

Fruitful and sustainable

How about making money with a product, that is used every day? Here you have it.

Heart beat toolkit

Profit from our automatically post system for your content and become a content manager with heart.

Business with balance

New forms of business use coworking, synergy and good taste. Become part of our worldwide community.

Drink and  join

Joint ventures beginn with socializing and drinking. With our HappyGreens label  creating these connections can be tasted the first time and translated to a real European movement for understanding each other

The Vision of solving challenges

Happiness may be the formula of building bridges and balance, not only between sweet and sour, but also between languages and even nations. Following the HappyGreens lifestyle you get in the flow of higher consciousness and thus solve challenges more tastefully.

Profit from a strong European label 

With our European Label you profit from a  strong and protected image, with a good taste.  

Translate to your region

Translate our happy vision to your region or into your dialect. Apply for a regional licence!

Cosmopolitan spirit

Each region has its own characteristics. Connect your region to the image of HappyGreens, and secure your own licence. First come first served.

Visionary  franchise

At other companies you have to pay a starter kit, to join. With us you invest your skills to translate. and thus secure your region and use our infrastructure. We are looking for longterm partnerships.

Content cooperation

You get the copyright to re-use our content, the copyright is kept as long as you connect to HappyGreens as a independent distributor. You may use social media. 

Join our social media community

Today a picture can move more money than coal mines could move during the industrial revolution. Thus use the creativity drawn from the effects of the HappySticks to produce own happy and tasteful green content. 

Influencer? Relate to happy green  taste
:: Monetize your pictures of...

Coaching  :: serotonin formula  - Pets  cats dogs  :: Fun formula - Recipees ::  stirred in 20 seconds - Fashion :: happy green fashion - Travel :: HappyStick in front of monuments- Esoterical :: inner values/fortune - Sport  :: protein patterns to taste- Comedy  :: serotonin/oxytocin ... just by the right caption under your content...

Our promotion star: The HappyStick.

Share our promotional HappyStick on social media and gain rewards on your smartphone in 3 levels.  As a customer, distributor or even a big influencer. 

Level 1

- 1000 fans

start your happiness

  • enjoy your first HappyStick!
  • tag us, and tell us 
  • get a rebate
LevEL 3

more than  5000 fans

create a movement

  • ++ get best engaged
  • ++ right to use  our"trademark"
  • ++ get lifetime commissions

Register now for our REBATE-system

Get a rebate for subscription

As a customer you get a rebate for subscribing up to 20%. 

Get a wholesale mark-up  

As a professional you get even a higher rebate like a wholesaler, when you provide your tax information.

Register now for our AFFILIATE-system

Become an affiliate and get commissions

As an  affiliate you earn commissions by using your personalized web link. 

Upgrade your affiliate-id with a coupon

With our couponmarketing you may use a personalized coupon for online or offline case for your customers.

Use our proved map of coupons!

Ask for our proved maps of bio supermarkets with the official right to lay out your own personalized rebate coupons. Your licence to earn money directly with your target group. 

Use our tools!

Upgrade with shorturl

Alteratively, you can create a short recognisable non-commercial url for example, which can be used to redirect clients.

Access to our tools

Get to know our tools, campaigns and designs for your advertising. We have access to tools for social media, emailmarketing and more. -

You can include our system into your business, like you can replace sugar with HappyGreens.  Weather your offer your guests happy icecream or cocktails in your menu or refer to  a happytipp, many things are possible. Imagine you are 

Fitness people or personal trainers

Health professionals


​Regional representatives

Bar tenders or baristas

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